Pak Yan Lau

Born in Belgium, with origins from Hong Kong, Pak Yan Lau started touching the keys when she was 9 years old. She attended some conservatories here and there, and took a big interest in sounds, electronics and analog synths. After some very interesting encounters she rolled into the world of free improvisation, and different doors of possibilities opened up.
Currently she makes music for dance-theatre productions (‘Gadgetland’ by Lazara Rosell Albear, Saai by Tweelicht&Zoon), documentary (‘News from Nowhere’ by Christophe Van Collie), is the musical director of Shadow Theatre Company Dala Dala, band leader of The Crappy Mini Band (crazy eclectic toy/object band), Kuruwasan (free and improvised music) & Going (psychedelic groove band).
Musicians she played with are Paolo Angeli, Daysuke Takaoka, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto, Chris Corsano, Manja Ristic, Mathieu Ha, Nico Roig, Lynn Cassiers, etc….